Watch Stephin Merritt Serenade His Dogs With A Yoko Ono Cover

Watch Stephin Merritt Serenade His Dogs With A Yoko Ono Cover

As the brains behind Magnetic Fields and a slew of other projects including the 6ths, the Gothic Archies, and Future Bible Heroes, Stephin Merritt has an incredible treasure trove of songs to his name. But that doesn’t mean the man doesn’t enjoy performing a tune by somebody else now and then.

For the ongoing series of Galaxie 500 covers organized by Guided by Voices and Yoko Ono manager David Newgarden — which has featured contributions from contemporaries like Thurston Moore and disciples like Circuit des Yeux alike — Merritt has shared his rendition of “Listen, The Snow Is Falling,” an Ono original that the legendary Massachusetts indie band later covered on their 1990 album This Is Our Music. Backed by a drum machine, Merritt performed the song on ukulele for an audience of his dogs.

On the series website, Merritt writes:

I never saw the 500 but I know each of them through Dean singing on the 6ths, Naomi directing a Future Bible Heroes video, working for Damon & Naomi’s magazine making scanner borders (it’s complicated), touring together, and just being denizens of the Harvard Film Archive. At the first Magnetic Fields show, at TT the Bear’s, we were accidentally billed as Magnetophone, a brief alias of Damon & Naomi. In short, I often feel that I’m practically a member, the one they all forgot about at a rest stop near Celebration, Florida and never went back for.

Watch Merritt’s lovely Ono/Galaxie tribute below.

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