Cartalk – “Las Manos”

Cartalk – “Las Manos”

Last year, Cartalk — the project of the Los Angeles-based musician Chuck Moore — released three stellar singles — “Noonday Devil,” “Wrestling,” and “Sleep.” All three songs appear on their upcoming debut album, Pass Like Pollen, which will be out in October and, like those singles, it was produced by Illuminati Hotties’ Sarah Tudzin. Today, Moore is sharing another new track from the album, “Las Manos,” which whiplashes between slow and sentimental in the verses and explosive in the chorus.

On it, Moore recounts a crush turned into a relationship and the awe it inspires, via some imagery of shadow puppets blown up to massive scale: “Stand still, words turn to blood/ I’m not gonna backpedal ‘cus I’m all caught up,” they sing in the chorus. “The expression of your hands paint shadows on a brick wall/ A silent film I watch and I feel lucky.” And in the track’s breakdown: “Did my honesty scare you? Honestly, it scared me too.” It’s a great track, and you can listen to it below.

01 “Arroyo Tunnels”
02 “Noonday Devil”
03 “Las Manos”
04 “Wrestling”
05 “Car Window”
06 “A Lesson”
07 “Driveway”
08 “Something Or Nothing”
09 “Sleep”

Pass Like Pollen is out 10/2. Pre-order it here.

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