Nap Eyes & NNAMDï – “Blood River”

Earlier this year, the persistently underrated Halifax indie rock band Nap Eyes released the album Snapshot Of A Beginner, and then they followed it up with two newer songs, “Snake Oil” and “Child’s Romance.” At the same time, the Chicago musician NNAMDÏ has released his own new album Krazy Karl and, more recently, teamed up with Lala Lala to cover Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me.” Today, those two productive entities have come together on a new song called “Blood River.”

You might expect a song called “Blood River” to be a goofy, Halloween-themed one-off, and you probably wouldn’t be that far off. It is, after all, a song about a literal river of blood. According to Nap Eyes, though, the track is inspired by a game of Dungeons & Dragons, not by the impending holiday.

“Blood River” turns out to be a perfectly amiable song, a loose amble with a whole lot of blasé hooks and a vaguely funky drum-lope. The track may well remind you of ’90s-era Beck, and that is not a complaint. Check it out below.

“Blood River” is out now on Jagjaguwar/Royal Mountain Records/Paradise Of Bachelors, and you can buy it at Bandcamp.

Tags: Nap Eyes, NNAMDÏ