Gary Glitter Covers “Better Off Dead” In Real Life

my dad never believed me when I said there was a glam rocker riding a rainbow in my closet.Accused of paying a 12-year-old 150,000 dong ($8) for sex, Gary Glitter has been arrested in Viet Nam, after attempting to flee to Bangkok with, as the article puts it, “a 14-year-old girl who described him as her husband.” Ok, that last part is only alleged by local media, but I feel like there’s probably a special line at customs for people fleeing with child brides. Penalties in Viet Nam are usually capped at 12 years in prison for statutory rape, but when the victim is as young as 12, the maximum is death by firing squad.

You have to be a pretty determined pedophile to prove that being banned from Cambodia for giving it a bad name is not, in fact, hitting bottom.