Watch The Voidz’ Psychedelic, Effects-Heavy Fallon Performance

Watch The Voidz’ Psychedelic, Effects-Heavy Fallon Performance

These days, Julian Casablancas loves throwing cheap, disorienting ’80s-style sci-fi effects on everything he touches. The visuals for SOS – Earth Is A Mess, the online talk show that Casablancas has been doing for Rolling Stone, are full of bright neon trippiness. Last night, Casablancas’ non-Strokes band the Voidz did the musical-guest duties on The Tonight Show, and Casablancas once again made everything look like a Trapper Keeper.

The Voidz were on the show to play “Alien Crime Lord,” their new dirtbag electro-rocker. The latest Grand Theft Auto V update includes a radio station that Casablancas programmed, and “Alien Crime Lord” was released as part of that. Playing it on Fallon, Casablancas went out of his way to make things as visually noisy as possible, throwing blinking, strobing filters on everything and shooting it through fuzzy digital cameras.

The visual noise extends to what everyone was wearing, too. Casablancas, for instance, rocked a mullet with frosted tips, a loud-ass Phoenix Suns button-up, and one black glove. Everyone else in the band looked like the person at a party who really wants everyone to pay attention to him. A whole band of those guys! Amazing! Watch it below.

There’s something beautifully irritating about the Voidz doing all this on an Tonight Show episode where the main guest is Paul McCartney.

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