Bruiser Wolf – “I’m A Instrument” (Feat. Danny Brown)

Bruiser Wolf – “I’m A Instrument” (Feat. Danny Brown)

Late last year, Danny Brown teased the possible future release of a new album called XXXX, and we still don’t know what’s going on with that. Last week, Danny Brown showed up on Brockhampton’s new single “Buzzcut,” and he left a pile of smoking wreckage behind him. But it sure seems like Danny Brown has but most of his energy in 2021 into launching his new Bruiser Brigade label, which is quickly and quietly becoming a label that demands your attention.

In the past few months, Danny Brown’s associates have been releasing a series of great albums on the newly launched Bruiser Brigade label. First up, in January, was J.U.S with GOD GOKU JAY-Z. Last month, Detroit veteran Fat Ray came out with Santa Barbara. And today, Bruiser Wolf, who Brown calls “the best rapper in Detroit right now,” has come out with his own debut album Dope Game Stupid.

There are guest appearances on Dope Game Stupid. J.U.S and Fat Ray show up. Bruiser Brigade resident Raphy supplies almost all the production, but there’s also a Knxwledge beat at the end of the album. But most of the emphasis is on Bruiser Wolf, who raps in a cartoonishly crispy pimp-slap lingo that reminds me of E-40 or Suga Free. But he can tug on your heartstrings, too, as on the closing track “Momma Was A Dope Fiend.”

On first listen, Dope Game Stupid is a truly fun and cohesive album. Danny Brown shows up just once on the album — enough to draw attention to the project, but not too much to distract from what Bruiser Wolf is doing. Brown makes his appearance on the bright, idiosyncratic track “I’m A Instrument,” and both he and Bruiser Wolf sound entertainingly ridiculous. Here’s that track.

Here’s Bruiser Wolf’s video for the extremely entertaining song “Chess Move$”:

And here’s the full album stream, which is well worth your time.

Dope Game Stupid is out now on Bruiser Brigade Records, and you can buy it at Bandcamp.

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