Stream Fiddlehead’s Excellent New Album Between The Richness

Stream Fiddlehead’s Excellent New Album Between The Richness

The members of Boston’s Fiddlehead have always been clear that their band is not a full-time thing. Singer Pat Flynn works as a high school history teacher, and Fiddlehead started out as Flynn’s attempt to wrestle with his grief after the death of his father. But Fiddlehead make music like they’re screaming at the heavens, and like the heavens are screaming back at them. They quickly became one of the most beloved bands in the intersecting realms of hardcore and emo, and their new album feels like it’s about to be a big deal, something that can touch a whole lot of people.

On Friday, Fiddlehead will release their sophomore LP Between The Richness. The album is a tangled, uplifting piece of post-hardcore churn — a personal record that feels universal. Between The Richness makes good on all the potential of Fiddlehead’s 2018 LP Springtime And Blind and of interstitial records like the “Get My Mind Right” single. The album also carries some of the triumphant spirit of the massive reunion shows that Flynn’s old hardcore band Have Heart played in 2019. It’s a pretty amazing record.

Up until now, Fiddlehead have shared the early tracks “Million Times,” “Heart To Heart,” and “Down University.” With the album coming out Friday, The FADER has just shared a stream of the entire LP. Do yourself a favor and listen to it here.

UPDATE: It’s live on Bandcamp now:

Between The Richness is out 5/21 on Run For Cover Records. Read our interview with Fiddlehead here.

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