Polo G & Lil Wayne – “Gang Gang”

Polo G & Lil Wayne – “Gang Gang”

A month and a half ago, the supremely gifted Chicago sing-rapper Polo G released his “Rapstar” single. The song debuted at #1 and stayed there for two weeks, affirming Polo’s quick rise to full crossover stardom. Today, Polo has followed up “Rapstar” by releasing a new collaboration with Lil Wayne, a guy who was a star when Polo was born and who was making sad and hypnotic Auto-Tune sing-rap when Polo was in kindergarten.

Polo and Wayne’s new song “Gang Gang” is a minimal and melodic track with an eerie, bloopy beat from unknown-to-me producer Angelo Ferraro. Polo talks about hard-earned triumph on the song, but both his voice and his sticky melody are soft and downbeat. Wayne pretty much goes nuts on the song, firing off gun-talk non-sequiturs and switching up flows without ever losing the central melody. He lands some real punchlines, too: “Blatt-blatt-blatt, I’m not through/ Brat-tat-tat, duck duck goose/ Two big guns on me for the smoke/ That’s Uncle Snoop and Martha Stew.”

“Gang Gang” has a blue-tinted Roscoe-directed video where Polo and Wayne party in some kind of magical CGI lightning storm. Check it out below.

Polo’s album Hall Of Fame doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s coming next month.

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