Absolutely Free – “How To Paint Clouds”

Absolutely Free – “How To Paint Clouds”

The Canadian trio Absolutely Free includes vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Matt King, Michael Claxton on bass and synth, and Moshe Fisher-Rozenberg on drums and synth. They’ve returned today with news of their sophomore album Aftertouch. Produced by Jorge Elbrecht, it’s Absolutely Free’s first full-length album in seven years and the follow-up to 2014’s self-titled debut, which was nominated for the Polaris Prize.

The new album features 2018’s “Still Life” as well as official lead single “How To Paint Clouds,” out today with an AI video “in which an algorithm built from 2,000 internet-sourced paintings of clouds teaches a computer to create its own original paintings of clouds.” The band comments, “Although there are unimaginable forces at play in developing a cloud, or in creating art, all we are able to look for is another face in the sky, a mirror looking back at us. A cloud always looks like something other than a cloud.”

Listen to “How To Paint Clouds” below.

01 “Epilogue (After Touch)”
02 “How To Paint Clouds”
03 “Interface”
04 “Remaining Light”
05 “Still Life”
06 “Are They Signs?”
07 “Clear Blue Sky”
08 “Morning Sun”

Aftertouch is out 9/24 on Boiled Records. Pre-order it here.

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