Jack Name & Aoife Nessa Frances – “Watching The Willows Burn”

Jack Name & Aoife Nessa Frances – “Watching The Willows Burn”

Jack Name, from California, and Aoife Nessa Frances, from Ireland, are two singer-songwriters who make mellow, spectral, folk-informed music. Last year, both of them released albums. Name, who’s been around for a while and who’s worked with people like White Fence and Cass McCombs, had Magic Touch. Frances had the woozy, promising debut Land Of No Junction. On a new track, the two artists have teamed up for a trans-Atlantic collaboration.

Jack Name started recording “Watching The Willows Burn” in Los Angeles, and he sent to to Aoife Nessa Frances in Dublin. The end result doesn’t sound like two people on different sides of the world. It’s a deeply pretty song that casts an intimate sort of spell, and the two singers sound like they’re sitting in a room together.

In a joint statement, the two artists say:

A lot of our conversations drifted into topics like mysticism and ancient history. We imagined a struggle between a peaceful group of moon worshipping people and maniacal totalitarian warlords. That sent us down a stream which eventually led to the different things willows can symbolize. It’s interesting how they can stand for purity and nourishment and also grief and death. So what does it mean to watch them burn in the dark? Perhaps a rebirth, whether healing or destroying, depends on who’s watching.

Check out the song below.

“Watching The Willows Burn” is out now on Mexican Summer.

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