Samia – “As You Are”

Samia – “As You Are”

New York indie rocker Samia Finnerty released her debut album The Baby last year. Since then, she’s followed it with The Baby Reimagined, where peers like Bartees Strange and Anjimile covered her songs, and she’s shown up on Wild Pink’s “Ohio.” Later this week, Samia will release her new EP Scout. She’s already dropped the early single “Show Up,” and now she’s also shared the EP’s opening track “As You Are.”

“As You Are” is a fragile, spectral track about the awesome power of unconditional love, and it’s full of stray, finely observed, carefully worded imagery: “Almost every time the plane lands/ I can see my mom with both hands/ Latched to the nose of the aircraft/ In a ray of pink light and her sweatpants.” Deep in the mix, the song features scraps of voicemail messages from Samia’s partner and her parents, the actors Kathy Najimy and Dan Finnerty.

Talking about the song, Samia says, “I’m used to being around lots of people all the time, so a year of quarantine forced me to consider which moments were truly meaningful and with whom. The chorus is a mantra and a response to the struggle to believe I’m worthy of love in a vacuum, that love can be pre-reflexive and worth our blind faith in it.” Check out director Joey Brodnax’s video below.

The Scout EP is out 7/23 on Grand Jury.

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