Oh Shit, It’s Kelly Clarkson Singing “Where Is My Mind?”

Oh Shit, It’s Kelly Clarkson Singing “Where Is My Mind?”

In 1999, David Fincher famously ended his movie Fight Club with the image of corporate skyscrapers crumbling as the 1988 Pixies anthem “Where Is My Mind?” played over the soundtrack — a beautiful little image of economic apocalypse. Four years later, Kelly Clarkson won the first season of American Idol, a show so overwhelmingly popular that plenty of people took it as a sign of cultural apocalypse. In 2021, our corporate skyscrapers are sadly still standing. Fortunately, Kelly Clarkson is still standing, too. Today, she sang “Where Is My Mind?” on TV.

Kelly Clarkson now hosts a daytime talk show, and she opens every episode by covering a different song. Those covers are fun, and sometimes we post them on this website, especially when it’s Clarkson singing alt-rock classics from Depeche Mode or Radiohead or My Chemical Romance. Some of Stereogum’s wonderful commenting community seems a little annoyed whenever we post these things, but what am I supposed to do? Not post Clarkson singing “Where Is My Mind?” Couldn’t be me.

“Where Is My Mind” isn’t exactly a song that lends itself to big-voiced vocal theatrics, but that’s not going to stop Kelly Clarkson. She wails the fuck out of the song, hammering home big notes in places where big notes aren’t necessarily supposed to go. Also, her keyboard player looks a little bit like Frank Black. Below, watch Clarkson’s cover and listen to the Pixies’ original.

Do you think Kelly Clarkson is an AEW fan? I hope she is, and I hope she sings “Judas” next.

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