Chat Pile – “Wicked Puppet Dance”

Chat Pile – “Wicked Puppet Dance”

Oklahoma City’s Chat Pile make an extremely raw, caustic form of noise-rock that will wake you the fuck up if you’re feeling drowsy. Last year, Chat Pile released a split with Portrayal Of Guilt, and it went extremely hard. Later this month, they’ll release their full-length debut God’s Country, which might go even harder. Chat Pile have already shared “Slaughterhouse” and “Why,” the first two songs on the record. Today, they’ve also dropped the new ripper “Wicked Puppet Dance.”

“Wicked Puppet Dance” is a supremely ugly scuzz-rock attack with a nervous, lurching riff and lyrics that paint a squalid picture of addiction. Here’s one line: “She says vein stuff freaks her out, so I keep quiet/ Everyone says they can’t handle vein stuff till they try it.” Here’s another: “Tried to fuck me, called me a liar/ So I shot him in the head, set the house on fire.” So that’s what we’re dealing with here.

For the “Wicked Puppet Dance” video, director Laine apparently took the song’s title literally. It stars a marionette puppet of Satan. Check it out below.

God’s Country is out 7/29 on the Flenser.

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