SBTRKT – “Forward” (Feat. LEILAH)

SBTRKT – “Forward” (Feat. LEILAH)

Back in October, Drake and 21 Savage announced the impending release of their album Her Loss by dropping the video for their #1 hit “Jimmy Cooks.” That video ended with a snippet of unidentified music, and plenty of people wondered what that track was. Today, we find out that the track in question wasn’t a Drake song. Instead, it was a tiny piece of the latest track from SBTRKT, the British producer who’s know Drake for a long time. Way the hell back in 2011, Drake jumped on a SBTRKT remix, and I guess the association has never ended.

Before this year, SBTRKT had been silent for years. This past summer, SBTRKT returned with “Bodmin Moor,” his first new track in six years. Since then, SBTRKT has also released the singles “Miss The Days” and “Ghost,” and he’s produced a couple of tracks for Santigold. Today, SBTRKT shares “Forward,” the new song that appeared in that “Jimmy Cooks” video.

Like “Ghost,” “Forward” is a collaboration with LEILAH. SBTRKT says that he’ll release a new album in 2023 — his first since 2016’s Save Yourself. “Forward” isn’t exactly a banger. Instead, it’s a short track that swirls and twinkles with evocative grace. In a press release, SBTRKT says, “I’ve always viewed this song as more of an album track than what I might consider a single, so it’s great to see that it has resonated so widely.” Check it out below.

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