Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best Comments

Happy holidays from Stereogum and Jeff “Skunk” Baxter.


a famous toronto painter shot me down.
Score: 16 | Dec 19th

a dog ass tv show?

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Score: 16 | Dec 16th

Some friends of mine got married last weekend. It was a beautiful wedding. They got friends to perform across the night and in between a cover of Smooth by Santana and Rob Thomas, and a cover of Taylor Swift, someone did a full blown harsh noise set. It was a ballsy move and seeing parents and grandparents being subjected to Prurient levels of sound was something to behold.

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Score: 17 | Dec 16th

I can agree with about 50% of the inclusions on this list, which seems about right, considering how diverse the rap landscape is. But a Top 10 Rap Albums of ‘22 w/out mention of billy woods? Nah.

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Score: 18 | Dec 20th

everything was beautiful and nothing dog ass.

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Logan Taylor
Score: 18 | Dec 21st

Yeah, I remember the song at the time and thinking “Ooh Candyshop, this is like a sexual song, man” but years later I revisited the song and it was almost depressing. Olivia sounded bored. 50 was trying too hard. The best was the star.

Revisiting is again I’m somewhere in the middle. Olivia sounds somewhat more inspired but 50 is just flailing. Though I will defend the “ironic”line as some kind of grasp at a reference; Alanis Morrisette, anyone? Music is about the little moments sometimes and for some reason I love the little “whoa!” that 50 and Olivia do. I’ll go for a 6 honestly because I’d leave the radio on if it came on and glean some enjoyment from it.

It appears we only have today and Friday left and then we’re off until the new year, so I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for the absolute blast I’ve had coming here and reading/talking about music. Some of you all write really well, in fact, and it was almost like meeting mini-celebrities when I finally caught up and started posting, as silly as that sounds. 2022 was a year of transition for me in some ways and you all brought some wonderful moments of joy.

Here’s to 2023: never stop Number Oneing!

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Jon Caramanica
Score: 20 | Dec 22nd

And yet the person who designed the Dry Cleaning album cover is walking free

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Jojo Le Taker
Score: 22 | Dec 19th

“nothing disgusting, nothing dog ass” — a level we should all aspire to

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Logan Taylor
Score: 24 | Dec 21st

Hey all, I’m potentially in the process of changing careers in real life so there’s going to be a little more focus on those things in the near future. Consequently, I’m going to end the Bubbling Under feature. I still plan to write about other songs (like today!) but likely only one at a time and not every article day. I won’t restrict myself to the Bubbling chart either. My stopping point wasn’t completely random, I’m jumping off with Billboard’s transition to the Digital Era. Anywho, hope you enjoyed; see you all elsewhere!

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Score: 26 | Dec 20th

i truly don’t understand how anyone could find bob’s answers here to be anything but endearing.

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Score: 27 | Dec 17th

I tabulated everyone’s Best Songs of 2022 lists from the comments of Stereogum’s 50 Favorite Songs post, using the same scoring system that Album Of The Year uses.


Results (in parantheses are the total points received, along with the number of appearances each song made across all lists):

1. Spoon: “Wild” (61, 11)

2. Fontaines D.C.: “Jackie Down the Line” (54, 10)

3. Alex G: “Runner” (54, 9)

4. Braxe + Falcon: “Step By Step (ft. Panda Bear)” (45, 7)

5. Soccer Mommy: “Shotgun” (44, 10)

6. Black Country, New Road: “The Place Where He Inserted the Blade” (44, 6)

7. Nilüfer Yanya: “midnight sun” (37, 9)

8. Chat Pile: “Why” (35, 6)

9. Big Thief: “Simulation Swarm” (32, 6)

10. Jessie Ware: “Free Yourself” (31, 6)

11. The Beths: “Expert in a Dying Field” (31, 5)

12. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: “The Dripping Tap” (30, 5)

13. Sudan Archives: “Home Maker” (28, 6)

14. Dazy & Militarie Gun: “Pressure Cooker” (28, 6)

15. The Smile: “Free in the Knowledge” (23, 6)

16. Jockstrap: “Greatest Hits” (23, 4)

17. Steve Lacy: “Bad Habit” (23, 4)

18. Bartees Strange: “Heavy Heart” (22, 4)

19. The Smile: “You Will Never Work in Television Again” (21, 4)

20. The Beths: “Knees Deep” (21, 4)

21. The Weeknd: “Less Than Zero” (20, 5)

22. The Weeknd: “Out of Time” (20, 4)

23. Big Thief: “Spud Infinity” (20, 3)

24. Weyes Blood: “God Turn Me Into a Flower” (20, 3)

25. Pharrell Williams: “Cash In Cash Out (ft. 21 Savage & Tyler, the Creator)” (19, 4)

26. The 1975: “Part of the Band” (18, 4)

27. Dehd: “Bad Love” (18, 4)

28. Joyce Manor: “Don’t Try” (18, 3)

29. Oso Oso: “computer exploder” (17, 4)

30. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: “Spitting Off the Edge of the World (ft. Perfume Genius)” (17, 4)

31. Alvvays: “Pharmacist” (17, 3)

32. Hikaru Utada: “Somewhere Near Marseilles” (16, 4)

33. Paramore: “This is Why” (16, 4)

34. Caroline Polachek: “Billions” (16, 3)

35. Alvvays: “Belinda Says” (16, 3)

36. Charli XCX: “Lightning” (16, 3)

37. Kendrick Lamar: “The Heart Part 5” (15, 3)

38. Kendrick Lamar: “United in Grief” (15, 3)

39. PUP: “Totally Fine” (15, 3)

40. Beach House: “Hurts to Love” (15, 2)

41. The 1975: “Looking for Somebody (To Love)” (14, 3)

42. Rosalía: “SAOKO” (13, 3)

43. Tove Lo: “No One Dies From Love” (13, 3)

44. Carly Rae Jepsen: “Western Wind” (13, 3)

45. Good Looks: “Almost Automatic” (13, 3)

46. The Weeknd: “Gasoline” (13, 2)

47. Beyoncé: “PURE/HONEY” (13, 2)

48. Steve Lacy: “Sunshine (ft. Fousheé)” (13, 2)

49. Gang of Youths: “the angel of 8th ave.” (13, 2)

50. Wild Pink: “Sucking on the Birdshot” (13, 2)

Some notes/things I noticed:

  • There were 644 songs total, from 408 different artists.

  • That top 3 made it by a fairly wide margin. All are in my top 20, so I’m happy.

  • The artists with the highest amount of distinct songs that appeared on at least one list: Fellowship (because one person ranked 12 Fellowship songs), Beyoncé (9), Big Thief (8), Alvvays (7), The Smile (7), Rosalía (7), Black Country New Road (6), Beach House (6), Destroyer (6), Wet Leg (6).

  • If you add up all the song points for each artist, these were the top 10 artists, in order: Spoon, Alvvays, Big Thief, The Smile, The Beths, Fellowship, Black Country New Road, Chat Pile, Fontaines D.C., Nilüfer Yanya and Alex G (tied).

  • Artists who made the top 30 on the aforementioned artists lists, but did not have a song in the top 50 (meaning they received a lot of votes, but there wasn’t much consensus around which songs were best): Fellowship, Destroyer, Wet Leg, SZA, Angel Olsen.

  • Other notable artists that had a lot of support but not a lot of consensus among their songs: Alvvays (2nd-highest artist, but highest ranked song is 31), Beyoncé (13th-ranked artist, highest ranked song is 47), Rosalía (14th-ranked artist, highest ranked song is 42).

  • Last year, there was only one song that made the top 50 with only 2 appearances. This year, there are 6 (the highest ranked of which is Beach House’s “Hurts to Love” at 40). All songs ranked 46-50 had only 2 appearances.

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Dec 22nd

This is a jewel of an example of SG at its best. Even if one may disagree w/ some of the minutae, it is a goldmine of meticulously and helpfully presented information. Bravo Eli!

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