Skeleten – “Sharing The Fire”

Skeleten – “Sharing The Fire”

Sydney producer Russell Fitzgibbon — who performs under the alias Skeleten — has announced his debut full-length album. Under Utopia will arrive July 28 and features already released singles “Walking On Your Name,” “Mirrored,” and “No Drones In The Afterlife.” Today, Fitzgibbon shares the album’s lead single and video, “Sharing The Fire,” which he says was born from an “almost frustrated desire to connect with more people and feel that sense of community through shared goals.”

“We’re more familiar with the idea of a dystopia in the modern world – that’s more close to our consciousness,” Fitzgibbon continues. “I think on this album I wanted to explore the importance of imaging and embodying a new world.”

Fitzgibbon adds of Under Utopia: “I think the album came out of the experience of feeling this great desire to reconnect and dreaming of the power of community. [Under Utopia is about seeing the world entirely new, full of hope and beauty, and all of us underneath pushing it upwards.”

Watch and listen to “Sharing The Fire” below.

01 “Generator”
02 “Mirrored”
03 “Walking On Your Name”
04 “Heart Full Of Tenderness”
05 “Territory Day”
06 “No Drones In The Afterlife”
07 “Under Utopia”
08 “Colour Room”
09 “Right Here It’s Only Love”
10 “Sharing The Fire”
11 “Everything We Need In The World”

Under Utopia is out 7/28 via 2MR. Pre-order it here.

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