The Onion’s “War On Christmas” Party

I hit the Onion’s holiday party last night, drawn by both the talent and the oddity of the lineup. When’s the last time MC Pee Pants opened for Mission of Burma? There was supposed to be a ton of free shit, too, but all I scored was a handful of steam-tray chicken strips. No Export As, unfortunately. Also, I forgot to take pictures during the Pontani Sisters set, and bailed on the Wrens. Sorry.

nerdcore 4 life

Nerdcore rapper MC Chris was hobbled by technical problems: he got started late because they, uh, had problems plugging his iPod into the sound system. Plus, the vocals came out really muddy. He just didn’t click with the hipster segment of the crowd. The Onion writer segment loved him, though.

MC Chris – “The Tussin (Robotussin)” (MP3)
MC Chris – “Fuckin’ Up My Christmas” (MP3)

why is anyone looking at the stage?  the act is behind you, dude.

Zach Galifianakis was drunklarious, surprising no one at all. Highlights included his trip through the crowd and a back-and-forth with one guy who made the mistake of shouting “Dance, Monkey!” during Zach’s “Comedians get no respect” routine. Money changed hands and a jacket was called “Depeche Mode-looking”. Still my favorite joke: “The only time it’s good to yell ‘I’ve got diarrhea!’ is during Scrabble.”

Check out Zach singing Fionna Apple’s Not About Love.

This Is Not A Photograph

Mission of Burma, man. It’s hard for a band that was so influential so early to come back after copies of copies of knockoffs have turned what they invented into a sub-genre (or two). You have to time it just right or you look like a footnote instead of a chapter. The sound was still less-than-perfect (or maybe I’m going deaf) but they turned in a great set.

Here are some tracks off of 2004’s ONoffON:

Mission of Burma – “Wounded World” (MP3)
Mission of Burma – “Dirt” (MP3)

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