Rhys Langston & Pioneer 11 – “Amber Deception”

Rhys Langston & Pioneer 11 – “Amber Deception”

LA rapper, visual creator, and Artist To Watch Rhys Langston has teamed up forces with fellow SoCal experimenters Pioneer 11 (Bryan Gomez and Alex Hastings) to form a brand-new entity: Rhys Langston x Pioneer 11. Together, the trio plan to release an album called To Operate This System, which arrives July 26 via P.O.W. Recordings. Today, they’re releasing the grooving lead single “Amber Deception.”

In a press release, Rhys Langston X Pioneer 11 outline their mission statement: “not to bury the computer, but to save it.” On To Operate This System, which is mastered by Daddy Kev, they “attempt to become one with the wires and bytes – to fuse the cherished qualities of humanity (soul, groove, unpredictability) with the power of the matrix.” They add: “This is machine-made by hand.”

Listen to “Amber Deception” below.

01 “On My Own”
02 “Amber Deception”
03 “The Walls Are Melting” (Feat. Immortal Nightbody)
04 “DoorDash The Basilica”
05 “My Kitty Left On A Rocket That Launched”
06 “Golden Hour” (Feat. nahhphet)
07 “The Story Of The Three Surveyors”
08 “To Operate This System”

To Operate This System is out 7/26 via P.O.W. Recordings.

Emily Berkey

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