Green Day Share Four-Track Demos From Dookie 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Ken Schles

Green Day Share Four-Track Demos From Dookie 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Ken Schles

Somehow, in a development that defies reason, Green Day’s brilliant, juvenile pop-punk blockbuster Dookie will reach its 30th anniversary early next year. The band is celebrating the way formerly young rock stars often do: with a box set.

Out at the end of September, the 6xLP, 4xCD Dookie deluxe will include two distinct collections of demos, 4-Track Demos and Cassette Demos. You also get an EP’s worth of outtakes and full live recordings of two shows, the band’s Woodstock ’94 set and a previously unreleased Barcelona concert recording from June 5, 1994. UPDATE: And you get liner notes by the great Bob Mehr.

Today they’ve graced us with the full 10-song 4-Track Demos disc, in case you’re wondering what Dookie would sound like if it was an actual punk record. (I’m just playing, Billie Joe!) The “Basket Case” lyrics were quite different. Listen below and check out the tracklist, which acknowledges the existence of secret track “All By Myself,” for shame.

Vinyl Box (6 LPs):
LP 1: Dookie
LP 2: Dookie Demos
LP 3: Dookie Outtakes
LP 4: Live At Woodstock (1994)
LP 5 & 6: Live In Barcelona (June 5 ’94)

CD Box (4 CDs):
CD 1: Dookie
CD 2: Dookie Demos & Outtakes
CD 3: Live At Woodstock (1994)
CD 4: Live In Barcelona (June 5 ’94)

01 “Burnout”
02 “Having A Blast”
03 “Chump”
04 “Longview”
05 “Welcome To Paradise”
06 “Pulling Teeth”
07 “Basket Case”
08 “She”
09 “Sassafras Roots”
10 “When I Come Around”
11 “Coming Clean”
12 “Emenius Sleepus”
13 “In The End”
14 “F.O.D.”
15 “All By Myself”

Dookie 4-Track Demos:
01 “Burnout”
02 “Chump”
03 “Pulling Teeth”
04 “Basket Case”
05 “She”
06 “Sassafras Roots”
07 “When I Come Around”
08 “In The End”
09 “F.O.D.”
10 “When It’s Time”

Dookie Cassette Demos:
01 “When I Come Around”
02 “Basket Case”
03 “Longview”
04 “Burn Out”
05 “Haushinka”
06 “J.A.R.”
07 “Having A Blast”

Dookie Outtakes:
01 “Christie Rd.”
02 “409 In Your Coffeemaker”
03 “J.A.R.”
04 “On The Wagon”
05 “Tired Of Waiting For You”
06 “Walking The Dog (demo)”

Live At Woodstock (1994):
01 “Welcome to Paradise (live)”
02 “One Of My Lies (live)”
03 “Chump (live)”
04 “Longview (live)”
05 “Basket Case (live)”
06 “When I Come Around (live)”
07 “Burnout (live)”
08 “F.O.D. (live)”
09 “Paper Lanterns (live)”
10 “Shit Show (live)”

Live In Barcelona (June 5 ’94)
01 “Welcome to Paradise (live)”
02 “One of My Lies (live)”
03 “Chump (live)”
04 “Longview (live)”
05 “Burnout (live)”
06 “Only Of You (live)”
07 “When I Come Around (live)”
08 “2000 Light Years Away (live)”
09 “Going To Pasalacqua (live)”
10 “Knowledge (live)”
11 “Basket Case (live)”
12 “Paper Lanterns (live)”
13 “Road To Acceptance”
14 “Dominated Love Slave (live)”
15 “F.O.D. (live)”
16 “Christie Rd. (live)”
17 “Disappearing Boy (live)”

Dookie 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition is out 9/29 on Reprise.

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