Wings Of Desire – “Chance Of A Lifetime” & “I Will Try My Best”

Wings Of Desire – “Chance Of A Lifetime” & “I Will Try My Best”

In December, Wings Of Desire — the UK duo made up of former INHEAVEN members James Taylor and Chloe Little — are releasing Life Is Infinite, an album made up of the singles they’ve shared over the past couple years that includes a few new ones. Today, they’re sharing another pair of those: “Chance Of A Lifetime” and “I Will Try My Best,” both deeply textured and immersive dream-pop songs.

Here’s what they had to say about the first:

We are yearning for something deeper, wanting to jump off the conveyor belt of life and prepare ourselves for the uncomfortable truth that we’ve never truly known what it is to live. We are not claiming to have the answer, but if we can inspire a conversation or spark the listeners imagination then we are one step closer to the realisation that there is much more to living than we can consider tangible.

And the second:

We can only ever give our best at life. We all have our own individual karma and dharma to deal with, each and everyone of us so incredibly unique. Our predicaments and circumstance entirely different to the next. So when you go through with your day to day life try to stay conscious of others (easier said than done I know). We all have our moments in the sun but understand that all of us go through times of suffering. So treat others like you would treat yourself as everyone is just you experiencing a different parallel life, journeying through the space-time continuum.

Listen to both below.

Life Is Infinite is out 12/8.

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