Frog – “Maybelline”

Frog – “Maybelline”

Frog is a New York-based duo of brothers Daniel and Steve Bateman. They’re preparing for the release of their fifth album Grog. They shared “Black On Black On Black” last month, and now they’re back with “Maybelline.”

“There are really exciting places we were able to get to on this record, places that I didn’t know existed before I found them,” Daniel said about the LP in a statement. “It feels both gothic and cartoonish to me, big gargoyles, dark skies, storms, but the statues are of ‘Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.’ Every song is a step deeper into the abyss.”

They cite acts like Modest Mouse, Hall & Oates, and David Berman as influences, which explains the eccentric yet emotional appeal of the addictive “Maybelline.” Listen to it below.

Grog is out 11/17 via Audio Antihero / Tape Wormies.

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