Frog – “New Ro”

Frog – “New Ro”

Last week, indie-folk duo Frog shared their remarkable single “Maybelline” from their forthcoming fifth album Grog. Now, they’re releasing “New Ro.”

Inspired by Daniel and Steve Bateman’s upbringing in New Rochelle, the song is a gritty, idiosyncratic vignette of the city in Westchester, New York. Read what Daniel said about it:

I don’t know if there’s relevant subtext for ‘New Ro,’ besides the obvious — Steve and I both grew up in New Rochelle, we went to New Rochelle High School, we recorded the entire album at our mom’s house in New Rochelle, we’re New Ro boys. The town’s got a lot of charm, if you know where to look. Some years ago they changed the tagline of the city from ‘Queen City of the Sound,’ which ruled, to ‘Ideally Yours’, which…I’m not even sure what that is. There’s signs everywhere saying: New Rochelle, Ideally Yours.

Listen to “New Ro” below.

Grog is out 11/17 via Audio Antihero / Tape Wormies.

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