Stream Cheekface’s Surprise New Album It’s Sorted

Stream Cheekface’s Surprise New Album It’s Sorted

Last year, Cheekface shared their third album Too Much To Ask, which was our Album Of The Week. The LA indie rock freaks rarely do things conventionally; they self-release their music and don’t have a manager. So today, on a Monday, they dropped a surprise LP called It’s Sorted.

“Above all, It’s Sorted asks one main question, which is: am I a unique creative person forced to live on a capitalist hamster wheel where I have to pretend I’m a respectable worker bee?” frontman Greg Katz explained in a statement. “Or am I actually an utterly uncool and revolting weirdo who is barely concealing that fact under an ill-fitting veneer of normalcy I wear in a vain attempt to fit into this collapsing empire?”

He continued, “On the last couple records, we were reluctant to try stuff that we couldn’t replicate live. It was a habit we fell into as we realized we were reaching an audience and we didn’t want to let them down when they came to a show. But with It’s Sorted, we went in with the feeling that we should just make the album sound good for its own sake, and we’d figure out how to make it work live later. Like, maybe it’s fine if it’s a little different.”

Stream It’s Sorted below.

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