Phosphorescent – “Revelator”

Phosphorescent – “Revelator”

In 2022, Matthew Houck, who performs as Phosphorescent, shared The Full Moon Project, a collection of a dozen covers (including tracks by Fleetwood Mac and Nick Lowe) released one at a time every full moon. Today, he’s announcing Revelator — his Verve debut and first proper album since 2018’s C’est La Vie — after debuting songs from the LP at NYC’s The Bitter End last night.

In a span of six months, Houck produced and recorded Revelator in his Nashville studio. The album features Jack Lawrence of the Raconteurs, Jim White of Dirty Three, and Houck’s partner Jo Schornikow, who wrote the track “The World Is Ending.” Read what Houck said about the title track:

This is the song that made me realize I was writing an album.
There’s always one that does that
Until then I’m sort of floundering around with a bunch of song bits in various stages
With no clear picture of what it is I’m doing

Once the song “Revelator” came to be
I could see what the album could be

I truly struggled with naming the album Revelator
As I feel like it probably has certain biblical and genre connotations
That don’t apply to this album or to Phosphorescent at all

But in the end I know what I mean by it
And the album really couldn’t be called anything else
And so that’s why this is the title track

I think it might be the best song I’ve ever written

Hear the song below.

01 “Revelator”
02 “The World Is Ending”
03 “Fences”
04 “Impossible House”
05 “Wide As Heaven”
06 “A Moon Behind The Clouds”
07 “All The Same”
08 “A Poem On The Men’s Room Wall”
09 “To Get It Right”

Revelator is out 4/5 on Verve.

Curtis Wayne Millard

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