Maya Hawke – “Missing Out”

Maya Hawke – “Missing Out”

Stranger Things star Maya Hawke released her debut album Blush in 2020, followed by Moss in 2022. Today, she’s announcing Chaos Angel and releasing “Missing Out” with a video directed by Alex Ross Perry.

Hawke shared this statement on the song:

There was actually a girl who went to Brown, where my brother goes to college, and we were all going around saying what our wish was for ourselves. She said, I want to write the next great American novel. It was the moment where I felt older than everyone because I laughed so hard. I was like, “You are so far down the wrong track!” Wish to write a novel. That would be a miracle. Don’t wish to write the next great American novel, that’s a nightmare! It made me feel I actually am a different place in my life than these people I was around. It totally inspired this whole song.

Chaos Angel was co-produced by Christian Lee Hutson and features contributions from Benjamin Lazar Davis and Will Graefe. The album is centered on the concept of a chaos angel who was raised to believe she was a god of love, but instead ended up causing destruction. “On the journey home, she goes back through all the places she thought she destroyed,” Hawke explains. “And in the rubble, wonder and beauty and magic grew.”

Watch the “Missing Out” video below.

Chaos Angel is out 5/31 on Mom+Pop.

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