Margaux – “I Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way”

Margaux – “I Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way”

Margaux Bouchegnies is a Brooklyn singer-songwriter who has collaborated with Katy Kirby and Allegra Krieger. In 2019, she released her debut EP More Brilliant Is The Hand That Throws The Coin under her first name, and today she’s announcing her debut album Inside The Marble. “I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way” is out now, following last month’s release of “DNA.”

“I think the worst part of a breakup is the feeling of losing your friend,” Bouchegnies said about “I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way.” “This song is about coming to terms with the way things are and truly accepting that reality, but really missing the friendship you once shared. Harmonically I wanted this song to oscillate between feeling grounded but also a little untethered… my hope is that it communicates the longing that can still be present even when you believe it’s for the best.”

“The album’s common thread is really about making sense of big feelings,” she added. “I do love songwriting as a craft but I think a lot of the time it is something I turn to amidst a spike in emotion, whether that is rooted in heartbreak, dread, feelings of love, or angst… these things can feel so unruly inside. Writing these songs has helped me gain a sense of direction and clarity in moments that have otherwise felt like complete internal chaos.”

Bouchegnies grew up in Seattle and her interest in music began with guitar before she learned upright bass. She studied jazz at The New School and then switched into the writing program and acquired a degree in poetry and non-fiction.

Hear “I Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way” and “DNA” below.

01 “DNA”
02 “Picture It”
03 “I Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way”
04 “Sadie Something”
05 “Ships”
06 “Make The Move”
07 “I Can’t Decide”
08 “Dissolve/Resolve”
09 “Midnight Contact”
10 “What Could I Say?”

Inside The Marble is out 6/7 on Massif.

Emma Bjornsen

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