Other Half – “Lifted Fingers” (Feat. Nada Surf’s Matthew Caws)

Other Half – “Lifted Fingers” (Feat. Nada Surf’s Matthew Caws)

In 2022, Other Half released Soft Action and it was our Album Of The Week. Today, the Norwich trio is announcing its follow-up, Dark Ageism, and releasing the lead single “Lifted Fingers” featuring Nada Surf’s Matthew Caws.

“’Lifted Fingers’ is about the commodification of everything and how vital it is to preserve those little darkened corners that aren’t yet dripping in corporate slime, i.e. playing punk music to 30-odd people in the back room of some pub,” the Bandcamp description reads. “Someone who came to see us do just that, miraculously happened to be Matthew Caws of Nada Surf, late in 2022. Nada Surf are one of our collective all-timers, and really formative to the music we play, so it means the absolute world that he also contributed some guest vocals here on Lifted Fingers, being the positive retort to all the doom-mongering I do in the first half of the song. I think at it’s heart, it’s a hopeful song, about finding connection amongst all the sludge. In Matthew’s own words, ‘people make stuff, you make your own stuff, and then sometimes you make stuff together. Here’s to making stuff.’”

Hear the track below.

01 “Lifted Fingers”
02 “Strange Loop”
03 “Sucked It Sore”
04 “Lowlifes & Lower”
05 “Feeling For Yourself”
06 “Farm Games”
07 “Bumps In The Night”
08 “Dollar Sign Eyes”
09 “Rotator”
10 “A Little Less Than Evil”
11 “Pastoral Existence”
12 “Other Half Vs. The End of Everything”

Dark Ageism is out 6/21 on Big Scary Monsters.

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