Bacchae – “Cooler Talk”

Bacchae – “Cooler Talk”

In 2020, Bacchae released their album Pleasure Vision, and they landed on our Best New Bands list that year. Today, the DC punk miscreants are finally back with their first material since then — an infectious anthem called “Cooler Talk.”

“The perfect song for your workday,” the band said in a statement. “‘Cooler Talk’ is a reminder of how someone at the top is always breathing down your neck and quantifying your ‘value’ in the name of capitalism — while pretending you’re just one big, goofy, dysfunctional family. The chorus is a loud groan into a stuffy, overlit room: your eyes burning from staring at a screen; your feet throbbing from working a double. The soundtrack to your supervisor trying to ding you at every step of your evaluation while you quote the union contract from memory and tell them to fuck off!”

The track was recorded and mixed by J. Robbins at The Magpie Cage Recording Studio. Bacchae is opening for our recent Band To Watch Ekko Astral at their DC show this Friday, where several mascara mosh pits are sure to break out.

Hear “Cooler Talk” below.

“Cooler Talk” is out now via Get Better Record.s

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