Stream Usurp Synapse’s First New Music In 20 Years

Stream Usurp Synapse’s First New Music In 20 Years

Last year, Usurp Synapse reunited for their first shows in 19 years. Yesterday, the Indiana screamo group released Polite Grotesqueries, their first EP in 20 years.

The band — made up of Antonio Leiriao, John Scott, Don Kirkland, and Travis Chance — told Brooklyn Vegan, “I think we picked up where we left off and have continued to naturally progress as a band. It has classic elements of Usurp, but we wanted to expand past the grindy screamo sound that we are probably most known for. This EP incorporates noise rock and other different vocal styles while still within the Usurp song structure that leaves you asking ‘What the fuck was that?’”

The original title of Polite Grotesqueries was AssIIAss and the artwork depicted the Mona Lisa with the title shaved into her eyebrows (see below). However, that cover was denied by streaming services due to obscenity and copyright issues. Zegema Beach Records are releasing a one-time cassette with that artwork, available on their website.

Polite Grotesqueries is their first material since 2004’s A Vile Contamina EP. Last year, an EP titled Adult Adoption came out in their name, but it was a solo release from drummer Don Kirkland. Stream Polite Grotesqueries below.

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