Cursive – “Up And Away”

Cursive – “Up And Away”

As one of the more notable bands to come out of the early 2000s post-hardcore scene, Cursive have almost certainly influenced a whole lot of bands who’d go on to sign with Run For Cover. Now, Cursive have also joined the Run For Cover family to release their 10th studio album, Devourer, on September 13. Its lead single “Up And Away” is out now.

“Up And Away” is one of 69 compositions Cursive frontman Tim Kasher began writing for Devourer in late 2020. Only 13 made the final cut, and it’s good that “Up And Away” is one of them: It’s got a great, beefy bassline, and that classic noisy-yet-melodic sound Cursive have perfected. Of the album’s title, here’s what Kasher had to say in a press release:

I am obsessive about consuming the arts. Music, film, literature. I’ve come to recognize that I devour all of these art forms then, in turn, create my own versions of these things and spew them out onto the world. It’s positive; You’re part of an ecosystem. But I quickly recognized that the term, ‘Devourer,’ may also embody something gnarly, sinister.

“Up And Away” also arrives with a horror-themed music video directed by Brea Grant and starring Jonah Ray. See that as well as the Devourer tracklist below.

01 “Botch Job”
02 “Up And Away”
03 “The Avalanche Of Our Demise”
04 “Imposturing”
05 “Rookie”
06 “Dead End Days”
07 “What The Fuck”
08 “Bloodbather”
09 “Dark Star”
10 “Consumers
11 “What Do We Do Now”
12 “The Age of Impotence”
13 “The Loss”

Devourer is out 9/13 via Run For Cover. Pre-orders are available here.

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