New Antony & The Johnsons Video – “Another World”

Earlier this month, Antony Hegarty made Prada a song, and they made that song a video. For “Another World,” the title track from the Johnsons’ forthcoming, heavily rotated stopgap EP (and the first single from next year’s full length The Crying Light), Hegarty enlists director Colin Whitaker, who recently composed imagery for the EP trailer we saw when hearing another cut, the black and bluesy “Shake That Devil.” It wouldn’t be fair to say Antony’s been stuck in a mournful mood since the great I Am A Bird, given his love affairs and desires in the years since, but “Another World” definitely picks up where “Hope There’s Someone” left off. This time, though, there’s some modern dance involved.


Here’s the MP3:
Antony And The Johnsons – “Another World” (MP3)

Lovely. Antony’s Another World EP is out 10/6 in the UK via Rough Trade and 10/7 in the US via Secretly Canadian. His next full-length, The Crying Light, is due in January 2009.