New Kanye West – “Heartless” (Live In L.A.)

The new official release date of 808’s & Heartbreak is 11/25. That comes straight from the mouth of Kanye onstage at Key Club in L.A. this weekend, which is an even more primary source than his blog considering his blog is written by robots and interns. West was in the club for a MySpace show celebrating T.I.’s Paper Trail and walked on for “Swagga Like Us,” “Love Lockdown,” and a verse from “Heartless,” a new cut slated for 808’s. The clip’s brief, and though the lyrics are trading in “Lockdown”‘s heartbreak, it’s clear the new record won’t be a concept album built solely on downcast beats and autotune.

(via Prefix)

OK, jury’s still out on the autotune part. The L.A. Times reports Rihanna was on hand, too, to join T.I. on the Numa Numa sampling “Live Your Life.” In other Kanye news, his Curb Your Enthusiasm-styled HBO show got the red light. But the puppet show is unfortunately still a go.

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