New “Weird Al” Yankovic – “Whatever You Like”

With the Western world’s financial system crumbling, it’s notable that our nation’s #1 single is T.I.’s ode to getting his girl high priced tequila and bottle service all night long (among other things). The irony’s not lost on me, and the irony’s never lost on “Weird Al.” In honor of the moment, Yankovic has rush released a parody of the track straight to iTunes, marking the first time he didn’t bother to pun on a song title (“Whatever You Like” fits his version well, too, if whatever you like is tater tots and clipping coupons) and also the first time he’s parodied a #1 jam while it was still a #1 jam. He explains as only he can:

Via Al’s MySpace:

My new single – which is being released on iTunes tomorrow (Tuesday, October 7) – is a parody of T.I.’s smash hit “Whatever You Like.” The T.I. song has been number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 5 weeks now – and this will in fact mark the first time in my career that I’ve been able to release a parody while the original song was still number 1.

The name of the parody, of course, is “I Kissed A Squirrel.”

Just kidding.

Actually, the name of my song is ALSO “Whatever You Like.” For you history buffs, I believe this is the first time that my parody has had the exact same name as the song I was parodying. Just so you know, I’m only doing this as part of my on-going effort to confuse as many people as I possibly can. But I promise you, even though my song title is the same as T.I.’s, I DID change the lyrics. Somewhat.

Big thanks go out to T.I and his manager for their support – not only was he nice enough to give me his permission and blessing for this parody, but he responded so quickly that I was able to make everything happen insanely fast. In less than a two week period – seriously – I was able to come up with an idea for the song, get legal permission for the song, write the song, record the song, mix the song, master the song, upload the song to my label and deliver the song to iTunes. Talk about instant gratification!

Have a listen:

A T.I. refresher:

“Whatever You Like” is available on iTunes.