New Old Volcano Suns – “Jak” & “White Elephant”

New Old Volcano Suns – “Jak” & “White Elephant”

Last time I saw Bob Weston, he was onstage at ATP making amusing cracks about preferring Mission Of Burma to Big Black because, well, their reunion and his part in it payed for his house. Long before said reunion or Shellac, Weston was a member of Boston trio Volcano Suns, a band formed by ex-Mission Of Burma drummer Peter Prescott in 1983. (No hard feelings, though, Roger Miller contributed piano to some of their stuff and Prescott’s behind the drums again in the current reunion formation of Burma). Volcano Suns — initially Prescott with guitarist Jon Williams and bassist Jeff Weigand — released their debut, The Bright Orange Years in 1985, following it up with 1986’s All Night Lotus Party. Both were on Homestead. We’re mentioning them now, because those first two albums are available for the first time on CD in the new year. And Weston? He didn’t join the band until 1987, but he did remaster both of these records for their CD reissues … so there goes. We have “Jak” from Bright Orange Years and the darker “White Elephant” from All Night Lotus Party.

Volcano Suns – “Jak” (MP3)
Volcano Suns – “White Elephant” (MP3)

These reissues include radio sessions and other rarities, but we’re not sure of the specifics. You can listen to more at their MySpace, where you can also read the band’s thoughts on the reissues (“we only hope this proves as beneficial to the general public’s well being as the julianna hatfileld memoirs…”) and the “overuse of the word ‘seminal”:

People can’t seem to help themselves when describing either a little known band they used to love, or more commonly, a band they were more likely in … as “seminal”. E.G. “The Blake Babies were a seminal early independant group” ect and blah blah blah…any band described as seminal were filled, more than likely, with seminal fluid…
How about a new definition for “seminal”: a musical group that is vastly overrated because of their well deserved underrated-ness…

Sense a thread?

The Bright Orange Years and All Night Lotus Party reissues are out 1/27 via Merge.

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