New Atlas Sound – “Maybe Logic” & “Airedales”

Bradford Cox is on a roll. He just gave us the Halloween-ready “Coffin Trick” (Lilys + bare bones Kinks + Shadow Ring) a couple days ago, but he’s already posted a pair of new songs — “Maybe Logic” and “Airedales.” They’re tied together as the Maybe Logic Virtual 7″, so honor the format and try listening in order. The first, “Maybe Logic,” is a dense 6-minute swirl of upbeat, teeming psychedelics with hand-drum percussion that opens to a bunch of lush waves, whirls and a feedback exit. “Airedales,” on the other hand, is a quieter crystalline music-box lullaby that drifts into spacier realms by its finale.

Atlas Sound – “Maybe Logic” (MP3)
Atlas Sound – “Airedales” (MP3)
(Via Deehunter Blog)

No, neither are as instantly satisfying as Cox’s work on Microcastles, but it’s good to hear new sounds emerging from his workshop.