DeVotchKa @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC 6/24/06

Everywhere we looked Friday night was a happy couple. Maybe DeVotchKa’s for lovers? Nick’s impassioned croon can certainly set a mood, and there’s something undeniably romantic underlying these gypsyish jaunts. With a popped bottle of Cristal and a nylon-string guitar to get that theremin wooing, Urata led a band of violin, double bass and a red string-light coiled sousaphone through a loving and lovely Saturday night set. And let’s face it, nothing says mariachi dance-folk like mermaids. Precisely why six of ‘em donned accordians and joined the band at set’s end. And precisely when our camera battery died. Hey, at least we managed to snap these!

Feel the love on DeVotchKa’s killer cover of Siouxsee and the Banshees.

DeVotchKa – “The Last Beat Of My Heart” (MP3 Link Expired)

You can also grab their take on VU’s “Venus In Furs” from their Curse Your Little Heart EP right here, courtsey of Ace Fu. Pitchfork was impressed, for what it’s worth. Does DeVotchKa In Covers do it for you?