New Blackout Beach – “Cloud Of Evil”

Frog Eyes mastermind Carey Mercer also records as Blackout Beach: 2004’s Light Flows the Putrid Dawn is an inky, dramatic Bowie-on-downers favorite. Judging from “Cloud Of Evil,” the lead (and opening) track from the forthcoming sophomore followup Skin Of Evil, Mercer’s working some of the Birthday Party/Bad Seeds’ percussion (and more Scott Walker operatics) into the mix. The song begins with a gallop, before turning into a spectral and swarming pulpit-burning conversation between Carey and himself, reminding us to “raise the sacrificial goblets,” most likely filled with blood-red wine. Just in time for Halloween.

Blackout Beach – “Cloud Of Evil”(MP3)
(Via P4K)

We haven’t heard the entire album, but Mercer’s Swan Lake cohort and main Destroyer Dan Bejar has. His description:

Maybe it’s about a girl, about salvation’s undoing through romantic love, wreckage of this kind … No matter, the important thing is that this is the first time I’ve REALLY heard theatrics AND atmospherics in a record, and such an abundance of both. One exception is Roxy Music’s Avalon, which this record reminds me of if only for how incredibly well you can (thankfully) hear every last thing. And though Bryan Ferry’s version of control and release are slightly different than Carey’s, Skin of Evil is more just different lyrical concerns, which we’ll here call “worldview.”

Can’t wait.

Skin Of Evil is out 12/2 via Soft Abuse.

[Photo By Sarah Cass. Recognize some of the artwork behind Carey?]