Rooftop Vigilantes – “Seth No Jump,” “Punched By Gaurav,” & “Fists Of Gary”

Lawrence, Kansas quartet and Blood On The Wall associates Rooftop Vigilantes’ songs are catchy blasts of messy pop gold, most coming in under/ just over the 2-minute mark. (For some reason I still think of Small Brown Bike when I listen to them.) The onetime BTW recently recorded 17 of those songs with Jawbox’s J. Robbins for Real Pony Glue, their followup to Carrot Atlas, but “then the dude who was gonna put it out was eaten by wolves so now we have no way of releasing it.” Unfazed, they’re about to head on an East Coast tour and home-recorded four more songs for a tape called Who Stole My Zoo? that they’ll bring on said trek. Before that, check out this trio from the Robbins session. (“Fists Of Gary” finds them slowing down the party and getting uncharacteristically sensitive.)

Rooftop Vigilantes – “Seth No Jump”

Rooftop Vigilantes – “Punched by Gaurav”

Rooftop Vigilantes – “Fists Of Gary”

Their tour itinerary has a bunch of TBA’s, but check back because they’ll be filled-in soon.