Tiny Masters Of Today Weigh In On The Presidential Election

The Brooklyn kids in Tiny Masters Of Today are too young to vote, but no matter: Siblings Ivan and Ada have put together a noisy bedroom anthem fronted by samples from John McCain and Sarah Palin speeches. Their thoughts on the track and the election:

This election is really important. John McCain and Sarah Palin represent more of the same ignorance that has made the last 8 years really bad. Words are important, and this song is made up of other people’s words. They are twisted around but we don’t feel bad because politicians do that all the time. Grab it before someone sues us or something!

They’re 14 and 12, remember. Shame on you, older people who don’t do anything. In other news, the Tiny Masters are finishing up their followup to last year’s Bang Bang Boom. Expect it in 2009. For now, download “La-La Land” and check out the creepy McCain/Palin gif at the band’s website.