New Eminem – “I’m Having A Relapse”

Kanye and his 808’s & Heartbreak auto-tune have been taking up a lot of space on the site recently, but that doesn’t mean Eminem isn’t still alive. In fact, the once-retired rapper reportedly has a new album, a followup to 2004’s Encore, on the way. It’s called Relapse, and supposedly the majority was produced by steroid fan Dr. Dre. The first song we’ve heard is the title-echoing “I’m Having A Relapse.” In it, Slim Shady paints a picture of a Xanax-poppin’ serial killer. (Not to evoke Kanye again — because there are more than two rappers in the world — but in a twist of blood lust, West did say the “Love Lockdown” video was inspired by American Psycho.) Listen:

Rolling Stone reports Eminem brought Dre on as producer so he could concentrate on the lyrics. With that in mind, don’t forget his forthcoming book The Way I Am. Also, some of “I’m Having A Relapse”‘s lyrics: “How the hell did he manage to get more felony charges? / He’s already got life in jail now what the hell is his problem / Well to be honest, the smell of these chronic leaves make me hella demonic / They compelled me to kill this elderly man an / I get these panic attacks, pop a Xanax relax / Tryna stick my fuckin’ dick inside a mannequin’s ass…,” etc. Regarding a release date, RS noted:

Interscope/Aftermath are supposedly planning a “three-headed monster” as 50 Cent put it, with Fiddy’s own Before I Self Destruct out December 9th, followed by Relapse in early 2009 and then Dr. Dre’s long-rumored Detox shortly after that.

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