Hole – “Skinny Little Bitch”

First studio sounds from the it’s-really-happening LP Nobody’s Daughter are up and here. Titled “Skinny Little Bitch,” a fitting track name to come just one day after Courtney tagged Lily Allen as a cokemonster with a “propensity toward corpulence” which, let’s be fair, is an A+ zing either ghostwritten by the typo-free entity manning her Twitter or delivered during a moment of striking lucidity. And you know what, let’s say it’s the latter, on the back of “Skinny Little Bitch” (and on the back of “Samantha“). Yes, she’s being propped up on all sides — by a studio capable of reconstituting her striated growl in whatever image it sees fit and a de novo “Hole” which consists of Micko Larkin, Shawn Dailey, Jack Irons (on drums in the studio), and “co”-writing credits to Linda Perry and Billy Corgan — to the point that it’s impossible to meaningfully pinpoint what percentage is Love and what is loveless. But whether it’s a case study in ventriloquism or some authentic shit, this is one of the most competent and surefire radio ready slabs of alt.rock since alt.rock and radio ready were words that actually meant something. My reasons for wanting to check her at SPIN’s SXSW party just took on new dimension. Listen:

Download it at nobodysdaughter.com for the price of an email. Nobody’s Daughter is out 4/27 via Mercury Records.