Dazzle Ships – “Least Resistance” (Stereogum Premiere)

Twin Lion’s Tyler Haran and girlfriend Hatii De Leon started Dazzle Ships in January. They’re young (20 and 18 respectively) but they’ve already done well with the band name (dazzle ships are a real thing) and their upcoming 7″. “Least Resistance” features a prickly guitar line over the pair’s monotone vocals. Haran sings, “Why can’t this feeling last forever / Why does it have to disappear?” in a bored deadpan — apparently these two aren’t too young to inject humor into their songs. Dazzle Ships say they have “…a phobia of doing the same song twice,” so here they add little variations to the guitar hook to make sure things don’t get boring, no matter how bored they sound.

Dazzle Ships – “Least Resistance” (MP3)

The Least Resistance 7″ is out 3/30 via Family Time Records.

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