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Artist To Watch: Darkel

You know I love Air. (“Stereogum” comes from their song “Radio #1,” as I mention every time I blog about Air.)

So what to do while we await the proper follow-up to the French duo’s 2004’s brilliant Talkie Walkie? Buy JB Dunckel’s solo disc out 9/19 on Astralwerks. He’s recorded under the name Darkel, and I’ve been loving this CD for months. From the press release:

From the George Harrison-esque “At The End Of The Sky” to the dub-laden groove of “Earth” to the bratty lo-fi pop of “TV Destroy,” these songs are at once sentimental, humorous and philosophical ruminations on love, family and the environment, sung with the same sweetly disarming grace that characterized the hit single “Sexy Boy.”

I know, solo project …you’re skeptical. It’s fantastic. I will write more eloquently about it later, promise. In the meantime, some streams.

“At The End Of The Sky” WIN MEDIA | REAL


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