Dignan Porch – “Like It Was”

Slightly tussled London quartet Dignan Porch have created an unassuming, but addictive rainy-day bedroom-pop gem with Tendrils, their full-length debut. The hushed, layered, hazy and downcast psychedelia might remind you of various early New Zealand pop crews of the Flying Nun sort (slowed to 1/4 speed). Or you could go back to the UK and talk about Sarah Records, though there’s often something weirder woven into the compositions. The 13 songs are brief — the longest is under three minutes, a handful shorter than two — but they work together as a larger patchwork. If you loosen the threads a bit, “Like It Was” stands out nicely on its own. Speaking of: The collection’s liner note present a stitched love letter vignette that works song titles and lyrics into a story. “Like It Was”‘s moment:

I’m going to call her up and make it like it was. And when she answers her voice will be curious. All our conversations will be spontaneous. It’s fortunate that we have worken up and remembered to love each other. And when I think of her I won’t be jealous, I’ll make everything just like it was.

Dignan Porch – “Like It Was”

And, this is “As You Were,” which is accompanied by the following lyrical snippet: “Go away and Google the symptoms. Read aloud what the virtual doctor says. And carry on as you were.”

Dignan Porch – “As You Were”

Tendrils is out 3/30 via Captured Tracks. They’re confirmed for Captured Tracks fest 2010 as part of  their first US Tour. More on that soon. Until then, they did this video for another album track “On A Ride.”

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