Noel Gallagher Goes Solo, Suede Reunite For Teenage Cancer Trust 2010

Oasis is over (again), we paid our respects in a dignified manner, that brings us to the next chapter in the Brothers Gallagher. Last night at the Royal Albert Hall the spotlight was on Noel alone, though I’m sure he allowed a little to shine on former Oasis guitarist Gem Archer and the 50-plus Crouch End Choir, all of whom pitched into the elder Gallagher’s big solo reveal. Not that there were any new solo songs revealed, mind — according to the BBC Noel said “this was not the right time or place.”. He did promise that new songs are on the way and that they are “brilliant,” which, of course he did. Those attending heard a 17-song Oasis setlist, all but one from the ’90s. According to the BBC the crowd ate up every note, citing middle-aged women and men with paunches swaying in drunken reverie, singing each word, giving an affectionate stroke to an ego that’s doing fine on its own. But the man has written some jams, many of which he played last night, listed here sequentially:

01 “It’s Good To Be Free”
02 “Talk Tonight”
03 “Fade Away”
04 “Cast No Shadow”
05 “Half The World Away”
06 “Don’t Go Away”
07 “The Importance Of Being Idle”
08 “Listen Up”
09 “Sad Song”
10 “Wonderwall”
11 “Rockin’ Chair”
12 “Slide Away”
13 “Digsy’s Diner”
14 “Whatever”
15 “The Masterplan”
16 “Married With Children”
17 “Don’t Look Back In Anger”

“Don’t Go Away”

“Half The World Away”

“Digsy’s Diner”


Earlier in the charity concert series Suede reunited (minus Bernard Butler) for the first time in seven years.

“Animal Nitrate”
“Pantomime Horse”
“The Drowners”
“Killing Of A Flashboy”
“Can’t Get Enough”
“Everything Will Flow”
“He’s Gone”
“The Next Life”
“The Asphalt World”
“So Young”
“Metal Mickey”
“The Wild Ones”
“New Generation”
“Beautiful Ones”
“The Living Dead”
“The 2 Of Us”
“Saturday Night”

“Everything Will Flow”