Deerhunter’s Platts Eyott Session

From Stereolab remixes to Halloween treats, there’s been much afoot in camp Deerhunter this week. The band plays their Microcastle record release party tonight at Variety Playhouse with Pylon, Jay Reatard, and Times New Viking. If you go, you might be able to get yourself a cassette copy of the so-called Platts Eyott Session. The story: Cox recorded the session during the night of 9/15 at Studio Plateaux on the Platts Eyott Island, a nature reserve on the Thames, London.The place is packed with vintage Ribbon microphones, etc. He played all the instruments. 4AD says that “the idea behind the session was in memory of John Peel and his famous Radio 1 sessions.” Like the radio, you’re supposed to listen to the results in order, without interruption. If you do, you’ll hear Microcastle reworkings, a new “Spring Hall Convert,” and unreleased material. It’s available in an edition of 200 cassettes: 100 orange, 100 pink. You can only get the orange ones tonight in Georgia, but if you can’t make it, or threw out your cassette deck years ago, listen to it all using this fancy player. While there, you can also sign-up to win a copy of Platts Eyott in pink.