Hole – “Samantha” (Stereogum Premiere)

There’s been a fair bit of skepticism and controversy around this “Hole” reboot, the band’s ninth lineup and one which features Courtney Love as its sole original member. But it’s really happening: We’ve heard the surprisingly successful alt.rock slab of “Skinny Little Bitch,” and since then Hole 9.0 has been doing the promotional rounds to prep the launch of Nobody’s Daughter: playing sets down at SXSW, performing “Samantha” for Jonathan Ross, and on. “Samantha”‘s not new — co-written by Linda Perry and Billy Corgan, the song’s been on Love’s setlists since ’07, originally slated for a solo album that never happened. (Corgan’s since removed himself from the project — a distance Courtney’s tried to close via Facebook.) Politics and history aside, “Samantha”‘s final studio iteration on its own terms is a scorching and vindictive anthem for fucked-over victims, laced with crotch-empowered metaphors (“watch her wrap her legs around this world”) and spitfire slammery (“If you were on fire I would bring the kerosene / And that’s how much I hate / And I hate what you have said to me”). The family friendly refrain delivered via striated sing-scream: “People like you fuck people like me in order to avoid agony / to avoid suffering.” “Samantha” came during Hole’s (great) SXSW set Stubb’s with a long-distance dedication: “Trent Reznor, 1994, stick that up your ass.” On that note, please enjoy the world premiere of Courtney Love’s custom-built Nine Inch Nails anal suppository:

Hole – “Samantha”

Nobody’s Daughter is out 4/27. Hai, Courtney.

Hole Press Photo 2010