DJ AM Daft Punks HARD Fest

Adam Michael Goldstein, aka Los Angeles-based DJ AM, aka the guy who survived that recent plane crash with Travis Barker, made his Halloween costume count this year: Rumors were spreading online that Daft Punk were the “special guests” on Halloween night’s dance-packed HARD fest, which took place at the HARD mansion in L.A. Confirmed performers included Justice, Simian Mobile Disco, Crystal Castles, Soulwax, etc. Instead of Daft Punk proper, at 2:55 AM they got this:

Based on blog glancing, some people are a bit pissed, while others can’t face the truth: “I just got there and i thought it was daft punk. a part of me still wants to believe that i saw them…” It’s hard to be the bearer of bad news, but Daft Punk generally doesn’t travel solo or with a DJ AM-emblazoned laptop. Also, as Beatcrave notes:

With a light show and hand signals of pyramids all over the place topped off with music by Daft Punk, many were convinced that this man was giving them the best Halloween of their lives. When AM removed the helmet, dancers (many of which were obviously disappointed) continued to dance without missing a beat.

Unless Thomas Bangalter was wearing a DJ AM mask underneath his helmet.

[Photo via Beatcrave]

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