Band Of Horses – “Compliments”

We’d mentioned Band Of Horses left Sub Pop for Cease To Begin followup Infinite Arms. Now we have more than a pretty nightscape cover photo to share with you. As mentioned last time, the current lineup’s Ben Bridwell, Creighton Barrett, and Ryan Monroe with longtime touring members Tyler Ramsey and Bill Reynolds. Judging from “Compliments,” they put the extra hands toward creating a bigger sound. Peruse the tracklist while you get acquainted with the bouncing, optimistically cautious “Compliments” and its video’s morphing nature imagery.

01 “Factory”
02 “Compliments”
03 “Laredo”
04 “Blue Beard”
0?5 “On My Way Back Home?”
06 “Infinite Arms”
0?7 “Dilly”
0?8 “Evening Kitchen”
0?9 “Older”
10 “For Annabelle”
11 “NW Apt.?”
12 “Neighbor”

Infinite Arms is out 5/18 via Brown Records/Fat Possum/Columbia.