Amanda Palmer – “Do You Swear To Tell The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth So Help Your Black Ass”

After years on a record label that, she felt, no longer supported her, Dresden Dolls’s Amanda Palmer wrote on Tuesday that her contract with Roadrunner Records was over: “After endless legal bullshit, it’s over, I’ve been DROPPED, RELEASED, LET GO, whatever you wanna call it. In other words: I am FREE AT LAST!!!!!! RAAHH!!” If the caps and exclamation points weren’t indication enough, she’s also decided to celebrate her new freedom with a new track, released via Bandcamp.

The track comes by donation only (which means, free, if you want it to be). The title is a N.W.A. nod, and its lyrics remind me of (early) Liz Phair, but the simple song (just guitar, ukulele, piano, and a trombone toward the end) finds a personal definition for “freedom” apart from its references and her label problems. “I have already spent too much time / Doing things I didn’t want to,” she sings. The thing she wants to do the most? Be alone, but around people. Looks like she’s got the second half covered. Have a listen: